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At Bluebells, we understand that your wedding day will be one of the biggest days of your life, where everything has to be perfect... including the flowers.

Every wedding is different and very personal to the couple getting married, so we welcome everyone to a free no-obligation consultation. This is where any question can be asked and answered, ideas can be shared and plans can start to formulate. To book a consultation with us please contact our team and we can get you an appointment.

If you decide you want us as your wedding florist we then ask for a £25 non-refundable booking fee. We only take one wedding per day so your wedding is our main priority. If you need us at any point, we can be there. The £25 booking fee will be taken away from your overall price, which is to be paid in full, 2 weeks before the day of the wedding.

Aswell as fresh wedding flowers, we also do silk/artificial wedding flowers. Again please get in contact to book a consultation with us.

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